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Performance characteristics and best uses Hypoid gears are a type of spiral bevel gear that are used to transmit rotational power between two shafts at right angles. Their efficiency at transferring power is typically 95%, especially at high reductions and low speeds, while efficiency for worm gears varies between 40% and 85%. Greater efficiency means smaller motors can be used,… [more]

Improve Efficiencies for Power Transmission and Your Servo Motor

Choose the right servo motor coupling for your application Matching the coupling to the motor is essential to optimizing performance for any application. Candy Controls offers a wide variety of servo couplings to satisfy the growing needs of the motion control industry. Candy’s line of precision, zero-backlash couplings has expanded with four new additions: CL23 Series high response coupling CL24… [more]


A Harmonic Differential Gearbox? What is it? Harmonic Differential Gearboxes are shaft-mounted, phase-shifting transmissions used for precise rotary position and/or speed trimming control. When mounted to the end of a shaft, these phase-shifting gearboxes provide bi-directional, adjustable motion control for virtually any type of rotating process. For convenience, either the hollow inner shaft, or the outer housing (with drive gear,… [more]


Differential gearboxes control rotary position and speed Are you considering differential gearbox technology as a possible solution to your next rotary motion control application? Differential gearboxes are used in a number of automated manufacturing applications to provide static and dynamic rotary motion control. These gearboxes are often referred to as phase-shifting differential gearboxes due to their ability to adjust the… [more]


How to choose the right jack for your application When faced with the need to lift, lower, push or pull a load—especially a heavy load—and hold it in the correct position, a screw jack or multiple jack system may provide the best linear motion solution when considering its performance/cost ratio. There are 3 main types of screw jacks: machine/worm gear… [more]


What are couplings? In the simplest of terms, couplings are mechanical devices used to connect two rotating shafts in order to transmit torque and position. Couplings generally fall under one of two basic categories, 1) Power Transmission couplings for connecting shafts in machines such as generators, compressors, motors, and pumps, and 2) Motion Control couplings used to connect servo motors,… [more]

The Mechanical Solution to Improve Machine Productivity

Retrofitting with precision differentials improves performance of web converting equipment

The manufacturing industry has seen dramatic change in the last decade: An evolution toward automation has expanded the requirements placed on manufacturing equipment and the need for machines to be more productive. This need for greater productivity has generated demand for manufacturing machinery that is precise, faster, and more flexible in set-up and operation. This trend is particularly true in… [more]

JDR Level Winds with the Candy Differential

JDR is an innovator and leading provider of subsea technology and services for the oil, gas and renewable energy industries. Simply put, JDR’s products provide the delivery of power and control that is critical to subsea wells and renewable energy applications. Products from JDR include power cables, production umbilicals, intervention workover control systems (IWOCS), end terminations and other accessories. Faced… [more]

States of Flex: Flexible they may be, but couplings aren’t a one-size-fits-all proposition – far from it, in fact.

Few drive train components are as deceptively simple as a coupling. Two rotating shafts, a coupling to connect the two, and all systems are go – or seemingly so. Not quite. Operations can sputter – sometimes to a halt – unless couplings can readily contend with the performance requirements of the application. In addition to speed and torque transmission, misalignment… [more]

Tech Support Is Key in Timing Applications

Although the shelves at timing-control equipment manufacturers are filled with shiny, new, ready-made gearboxes, the engineers and technicians at the best manufacturers understand that technical support is key to customer satisfaction. For many applications, it is the extra effort—beyond meeting the product literature specs—that helps a client be successful. John Neary, engineering manager at QuadTech, gives an example. “I was… [more]