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Rigid Couplings


Quick Facts

  • Extremely low inertia
  • Available in aluminum and stainless steel
  • Low-cost motion coupling where misalignment is not present

Product Overview

While not in the flexible shaft coupling family, these one-piece aluminum and stainless steel couplings feature low inertias for high-response motion applications. Due to its simple design, a rigid coupling provides a low-cost solution for applications where misalignment is not present.

Quick Reference Guide

Series CL13
Torque Range (Nm) 0.3-4
Bore Range (mm) 3-16
Max Speed (rpm) 10,000-23,000
Mounting Options Setscrew, Clamp

Technical Data

Type Zero Backlash Torque rpm Inertia Torsional Stiffness Misalignment Electrically Isolated Cost
Parallel Angular Shaft Endplay
Rigid, Aluminum Yes Low High Low High Low Low Low No Low
Rigid, Stainless Steel Yes Low High Moderate High Low Low Low No Low

2D and 3D Images

Please Contact Candy Controls for CAD step files.