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Bevel Gear Screw Jack

Candy Controls - Bevel Gear Jack

Quick Facts

Bevel Gear Jack- Quick Facts
  • Bevel gear box with integral acme screw jack
  • High speed, high efficiency, highly accurate
  • Load capacity from 15kN up to 90kN
  • Travel rates up to 6,750mm/minute
  • Cubic housing for accurate, flexible mounting
  • Holding torque may be required due to efficiency
  • Multiple configurations and accessories
  • Single or multiple jack systems

Product Overview

Bevel Gear Jack- Product Overview

Candy’s Bevel Gear Jack, BGJ Series, combines a Cubic Spiral Bevel Gearbox and Screw Jack resulting in a high speed, very accurate solution for lifting-lowering-pushing-pulling applications. 1, 2 and 3 shaft right angle gearbox configurations are available. Some applications may require holding torque due to system efficiency. The BGJ Series is available in four sizes, with load capacities up to 90kN or 9 ton, and offers travel rates up to 6,750mm per minute.

Mounting and Installation Configurations

Bevel Gear Jack - configurations

Screw Jack Type

Bevel Gear Jack - type

Shaft and Direction of Rotation Specification

Bevel Gear Jack - shaft-and-direction

Gear Ratio

Gear ratio 2:1, 3:1 as our standard

Travel Stroke

Bevel Gear Jack - travel stroke

Bevel Gear Jack Accessories

Bevel Gear Jack - accessories