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Economy Spur Planetary Gearboxes

Candy Controls - Economy Spur Planetary Gearbox

Quick Facts

  • In-line and right angle design offers precision at a lower cost
  • High-efficiency, high-torque planetary gear technology
  • Low backlash design from 6 arc minutes
  • Ratios from 3:1 up to 100:1
  • Metric and NEMA models for virtually any type of motor
  • Drop-in units for a number of competitors
  • 2-year product warranty

Product Overview


The Economy Series offers the right design for applications that require the efficiency and torque capacity of a planetary gearhead, but not the accuracy and cost associated with the Precision Helical Series. The Economy Series features a straight spur planetary design while maintaining many of the unique design features offered in the Precision Helical Series. These in-line and right angle gearheads mount to virtually any type of metric or NEMA servo motor.

Design Highlights


Planetary gear design provides greater tooth contact, torque capacity, efficiency, and accuracy compared to conventional gearing.

High performance is achieved by easing off the tooth profile and crowning the lead edge of each gear tooth. The result is superior gear mesh alignment and tooth contact.

This process provides a consistent tooth surface hardness of 900Hv for superior wear resistance and a core hardness of 30 HRc for durability.

This one-piece design allows the planet gears to be supported from both sides enhancing alignment and increasing system overhung load capacity, reliability and stiffness.

Each planet gear rotates on uncaged needle roller bearings optimizing contact points to increase design stiffness and torque capacity.

This series incorporates an AC-D multi-temperature grease for extreme applications. The lubrication maintains the integrity of the gearhead and its performance providing a low-to-no maintenance IP64 rating. Food grade grease is available upon request.

The Economy Spur housing is precision manufactured from anodized aluminum for superior heat dissipation and corrosion resistance.

The design features a triple split collet that provides a backlash free connection with 100% concentricity. This balanced design ensures smooth operation at high speeds.