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Foot-Mount Ball Screw Jack

Quick Facts

Ball Screw Jack- Quick Facts
  • Highly accurate ball screw jacks and systems
  • Foot-mount and cubic housing options
  • High speed, high efficiency linear motion
  • Load capacity from 0.1 to 6 tons
  • Travel rates up to 1,500mm/minute
  • Holding torque required due to efficiency
  • Multiple configurations and accessories
  • Single or multiple jack systems

Product Overview

Ball Screw Jack- Product Overview

Candy’s Ball Screw Jack is available in both Foot-Mount (BSJ Series) and Cubic Style (CBSJ Series) housings. The BSJ and CBSJ Series are an excellent solution for industrial lifting, lowering, pushing and/or pulling applications that require higher efficiency, greater accuracy or faster travel speeds than offered by Worm Gear Screw Jacks.

Screw Jack Types

Ball Screw Jack - types Translating screw: A driven worm shaft acts on an internal worm gear, which in turn drives a lifting screw to extend or retract. As the lifting screw translates through cast iron housing, then worm gear and lifting screw rotate together. When the lifting screw is held to prevent rotation, the lifting screw will move linearly through the cast iron housing to move the load.  Keyed screw: Some loads don’t prevent lifting screw rotation. These applications require a keyed screw jack. A key, fixed to the jack housing and inserted into a keyway milled into the lifting screw, forces the lifting screw to translate without rotating.  Rotating screw: A lifting screw keyed to the worm gear as a single unit, forcing the lifting screw to rotate, but not translate. A traveling nut, attached to the load, is driven by the rotation of the lifting screw. This type jack is ideal for applications with limited space that can not accommodate a protective tube.

End of Screw Options

Ball Screw Jack - end of screw options

Input Shaft and Housing Configurations

Ball Screw Jack - input shaft and housing types

Travel Stroke

300: 300 mm travel stroke Ball Screw Jack - travel stroke

Screw Jack Accessories

N: Standard Jack,No additional accessories P: Steel Cover R: Rubber Bellow Y: Hand Wheel Other accessories,please check below pictureBall Screw Jack - accessories