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Disc Couplings


Quick Facts

  • Zero backlash, flexible shaft
  • Excellent response, high torque capacity
  • Identical clockwise and counterclockwise rotation
  • Plate springs absorb angular misalignment and shaft endplay
  • Single disc and double disc units available
  • Multiple bore and shaft configurations

Product Overview

Composed of two aluminum or steel hubs and stainless steel plate springs or disc packs. Disc couplings are available in single disc and double disc assemblies using one or two plate
springs. The plate springs transmit torque while accommodating misalignment. Disc couplings are commonly used for servo applications that require low-inertia, high torsional stiffness, and repeatable bi-directional characteristics.

Quick Reference Guide

Series CL3 CL5 CL9 CL11 CL15 CL18
Torque Range (Nm) 2.8-160 1-510 55-1,000 25-15,800 50-1,520 1.4-510
Bore Range (mm) 6-30 3-45 11-58 8-115 14-75 5-45
Max Speed (rpm) 6,000 10,000 4,500 3,400-20,000 6,500-18,000 10,000
Mounting Options Clamp Clamp Locking Assembly Keyway Locking Assembly Clamp

Technical Data

Type Zero Backlash Torque rpm Inertia Torsional Stiffness Misalignment Electrically Isolated Cost
Parallel Angular Shaft Endplay
Disc, Single, Aluminum Yes Moderate High Low High Low High Moderate No Moderate
Disc, Single, Steel Yes High High Moderate High Low High Moderate No Moderate
Disc, Double, Aluminum Yes Moderate High Moderate High Moderate High High No High
Disc, Double, Steel Yes High High High High Moderate High High No High

2D and 3D Images

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