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Screw Jacks and Right Angle Gearboxes

The right jack for your application

When faced with the need to lift, lower, push or pull a load—especially a heavy load—and hold it in the correct position, a screw jack or multiple jack system may provide the best linear motion solution when considering its performance/cost ratio. There are 3 main types of screw jacks: machine/worm gear screw jacks, ball screw jacks, and bevel gear jacks.Within these, there are 3 subcategories related to the mode of operation: Translating, Keyed, and Rotating/Traveling nut. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each type and which would be the best fit for you particular application in our feature article. READ ARTICLE >>

Worm Gear Screw Jacks

Ball Screw Jacks

Bevel Gear Jacks

Spiral Bevel Gearboxes