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Expanding their Product Line with Unique Capabilities

Candy Controls is pleased to announce that the company has purchased the Specon product line of phase shifting and variable speed gearboxes
from Fairchild Industrial Products. Specon products include six unique models of gear transmissions that automatically adjust phase and speed in manufacturing processes. Effective immediately, this group of six product models is now Candy Specon.

“The Specon line is an excellent addition to our selection of timing and motion control products,” notes Chris Duval, General Manager at Candy Controls. “These precision gearboxes provide mechanical control of rotary position and speed for a variety of applications in food and beverage processing, packaging equipment, converting machinery, printing presses and more.”

“Specon products have been solving problems in these industries for over 60 years,” adds Duval, “and we are pleased to be in a position to continue serving the needs of Specon customers. We believe these products are ideal for OEM machine designs as a simple, mechanical alternative to servo motor systems. And based on the number of product configurations, Specon gearboxes are a great option for machine retrofits; after an easy implementation, they provide dynamic position and speed control.”

The Candy Specon product line includes two models with in-line and right-angle phase shifting differentials (PSD and FHT Series), a variable speed PIV transmission (Vari-Chain Series), an ultrawide range PIV transmission with optional differential control (MDD Series), plus a highly precise draw control transmission (HDD Series). The experts at Candy Controls advise customers on which model is best for specific applications to maximize productivity with automatic timing adjustments to their production lines.

About Candy Controls

Candy Controls has been engineering innovative motion control products for over 60 years. Candy’s precision differential gearboxes, servo reducers, screw jacks, bevel boxes, phase-shifting and zero-backlash couplings play a critical role in machine optimization. Candy Controls is constantly striving to provide unique products that meet the expanding needs of the motion control industry. For more information about these productivity-increasing products, contact Candy Controls at 847-588-2639, or visit the company’s website at