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Improve Efficiencies for Power Transmission and Your Servo Motor

Choose the right servo motor coupling for your application

Matching the coupling to the motor is essential to optimizing performance for any application. Candy Controls offers a wide variety of servo couplings to satisfy the growing needs of the motion control industry. Candy’s line of precision, zero-backlash couplings has expanded with four new additions:

  • CL23 Series high response coupling
  • CL24 Series double clamp disc coupling
  • CL25 Series Oldham coupling with stainless steel hubs and a copper insert
  • CL26 Series steel disc coupling with locking assembly

All are highly precise flexible shaft couplings, ideal for applications requiring high speed, torque and rigidity. The specific design and performance features for each is provided below to help you select the best coupling for your particular motion control application.

CL23 high response coupling
CL23 Series high response coupling
In a servo motor system, productivity and minimum delays are the key factors. All
the components must be adapted to fit the command execution accurately. For
example, a command can try to make the actuator reach a predetermined position,
but a delay can occur due to the stabilization time of the system. Because the
program will continue only when the position is reached and the actuator stopped, it is essential to minimize this stabilization time in order to improve productivity.

High response couplings are the best choice for optimal performance in servo
systems and ball screw applications. They can accommodate application speeds up
to 42,000 rpm and reduce “hunting”, a phenomenon that occurs when the system is
attempting to minimize error between the actual and commanded positions. The lag
between the error detection and correction causes a periodic oscillation between
overshooting and undershooting the target position. High response couplings allow
the system to react quickly to errors and to reduce the delay time.

Servo systems benefit from the high torque transmission with zero backlash in high
response couplings. Plus, their intermediate rubber elastomer body between two
aluminum hubs gives the coupling a high damping ratio to absorb vibrations and
provides electrical insulation.

CL24 single plate coupling
CL24 Series double clamp disc coupling
The double clamp disc coupling is a heavy duty version of the classic disc coupling.
Double clamp disc couplings have a steel body instead of an aluminum one, and
the shafts are secured on each side by a double clamping connection. With a
thicker plate spring made with more metallic layers than classic couplings, they are
an excellent choice when high rigidity and large torque transmission are needed.

The heavy duty design also allows the absorption of angular misalignment and
shaft endplay, while allowing the coupling to operate in temperatures between
-80 to 300 ˚C and in high impact situations. Its efficient torque transmission
properties deliver zero backlash in both single and double disc designs; with the
double disc accommodating more misalignment.

CL25 clamp type coupling
CL25 Series Oldham coupling with stainless steel hubs and a copper insert
Traditional Oldham couplings consist of two toothed aluminum hubs connected to
an elastomer rubber center disc. They are perfect for accommodating high amounts
of parallel misalignment and axial misalignment in high torque transmission
applications and have zero backlash.

Stainless steel hubs and a copper insert provide several advantages over the
classic aluminum and rubber design. They offer the same simple configuration
which makes it easy to assemble, but the higher durability of the center disc greatly
reduces wear, allowing the coupling to maintain zero backlash for a longer period of
time compared to rubber. Although the rubber insert works well with greater parallel
misalignment and higher speeds, the stainless steel and copper design leans more
toward high torque operations that require excellent torsional stiffness and response
and lower speeds.

Because it can be easily washed down, the stainless steel and copper design lends
itself to applications where there are frequent and intensive machine cleaning
processes. It’s perfect for the food and beverage and medical industries.

CL26 single plate coupling
CL26 Series steel disc coupling with locking assembly
The CL26 is a steel disc coupling with a locking assembly shaft attachment. It
features a steel body with thicker plate springs than classic disc couplings, and
each shaft end is locked to the coupling through a shrink disc and screw
connection. The combination of a steel body, thicker plate springs, and a stronger
connection to the shafts increases rigidity and torque transmission while still
maintaining zero backlash and flexible shaft characteristics. Available in a single or
double disc version, an additional set of plate springs in the double disc version
increases coupling’s ability to accommodate misalignment.

In comparison to clamp and keyway systems, the locking assemblies coupling
delivers an even pressure distribution while being entirely backlash free. Angularity
errors between the two shafts, as well as shaft endplay, are corrected by the central
stainless steel spring plate. Its compact design and high response and torque
capacities make it ideal for servo motor applications.