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High Response Couplings

Quick Facts

  • Torsionally stiff servo coupling delivers excellent response
  • High speed performance, up to 42,000 rpm
  • Rubber body provides electrical isolation and absorbs vibration
  • High torque, zero backlash, flexible shaft
  • Inch, metric, and mixed bores available

Product Overview

High response couplings reduce “hunting”, allowing the system to react quickly to errors and reduce delay time. Their excellent response and zero backlash make them perfect for motion control in the assembly, food and beverage, medical, packaging, and converting industries.

CL23 1.1 – 18 Nm 3 – 22 mm 42,000 rpm Clamp

CL23 Series high response coupling
In a servo motor system, productivity and minimum delays are the key factors. All the components must be adapted to fit the command execution accurately. For example, a command can try to make the actuator reach a predetermined position, but a delay can occur due to the stabilization time of the system. Because the program will continue only when the position is reached and the actuator stopped, it is essential to minimize this stabilization time in order to improve productivity.

High response couplings are the best choice for optimal performance in servo systems and ball screw applications. They can accommodate application speeds up to 42,000 rpm and reduce “hunting”, a phenomenon that occurs when the system is attempting to minimize error between the actual and commanded positions. The lag between the error detection and correction causes a periodic oscillation between overshooting and undershooting the target position.

Servo systems benefit from the high torque transmission with zero backlash in high response couplings. Plus, their intermediate rubber elastomer body between two aluminum hubs gives the coupling a high damping ratio to absorb vibrations and provides electrical insulation.